About Eaton Square Flooring
About Eaton Square Flooring


Quality Flooring

At Eaton Square we specialise in creating beautiful, timeless designs that bring any space to life. Our luxury flooring is manufactured using only the best materials to meet the most exacting specifications set by renowned interior designers, and award winning architects from around the world.

From the opulence of a silk looking carpet in a hotel bedroom suite, to the intricate border designs of a designer rug, each project is uniquely tailored to satisfy the demands of our discerning clients.

We combine our skills and in-depth knowledge with the latest innovations and modern design trends, meaning we truly understand the technical demands behind each project.

We are a family business with sixty years experience in supplying luxury flooring and carpets to hotels, offices, and residential properties.
The people we work with love our craftsmanship and attention to detail, quality materials, durability and the beauty of our luxury flooring ranges.