Eaton Square is FSC® Certified

FSC Certified

We are really proud to announce that the Eaton Square Connoisseur Collection and Cheriton range is now FSC® certified. Our customers can be confident that the wood within these ranges comes to them in a sustainable, and environmentally appropriate way.

The forest certification scheme is a global, non-profit organisation that sets the highest standards possible. FSC® supports the safe management of forests, and guarantees that we work in the most transparent and supportable practise possible.

At Eaton Square we think it's extremely important that we operate in a socially beneficial manner, and promote responsible forestry. We ensure that our wood is sourced from well-managed forests, which means that when you purchase wood flooring from these ranges, you are helping to maintain the world's forests, and keep them thriving for years to come.

Our FSC® certified products are just a small part in helping both local people and the broader society enjoy the amazing benefits that the environment provides. Managing forests in an environmentally aware way, ensures that the harvest of the wood preserves natures course.

We never want to profit at the expense of the forests that we use, and our main aim is to work with the FSC® independent governing body to ensure we are doing the right thing, from the start to end.

At Eaton Square we are socially aware of our actions, transparent in our business model, and always aiming to supply you with the best quality wood flooring, at no expense to the environment.

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