Moonlight collection

The Moonlight collection is the most affordable range we produce. Soft and comfortable bleach cleanable carpets that repel spills & stains, making them exceptionally easy to clean.

Affordable Price Point
Affordable Price Point
Exceptional Value
Exceptional Value
Bleach Cleanable
Bleach Cleanable

Exceptional value

Crafted from man-made fibres and offered in six natural tones; the Moonlight collection has been created for those seeking an exceptional value option at an affordable price point. The carpet is a perfect choice for those looking to carpet bedrooms and general living spaces, providing excellent value for money.

Six natural tones

Clear Sky 0071
Eclipse 0071
Jupiter 0072
Milky Way 0070
Stars 0073
Venus 0094

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"We develop many properties in the London area and found the Moonlight carpet range the perfect choice. It’s a good, solid carpet that offers durability and quality."

Steve Graham, Developer

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