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Our silk touch carpets may be luxurious, plush and unbelievably soft, but they don't have to be tip-toed on. Our ranges are made to be enjoyed, not preserved. Two of our beautiful silk touch flooring ranges are Phantom and Aston, which are low sheen silk-like fibre carpets with a gorgeous velvet finish.


The Phantom range looks and feels like wool, but is created from man-man fibres that keep the price affordable, and make this a carpet that works for all. The seven neutral shades of this range have been carefully created to work for every project. Smaller rooms can benefit from the lighter hues, such as the shade Big Boulder, where the clean texture promises to open up tighter spaces. The deep opulent tones of the darker shades like River Rock and Gravel Rock, add high-end elegance combined with a comforting homely touch to large commercial areas.

Silk Touch - Phantom
Silk Touch - Phantom
Silk Touch - Aston
Silk Touch - Aston


Created with the same love, care and excellence as Phantom; Aston is its slender little sister. Aston also comes in the same seven elegant colours, but has a lower pile height which enables us to offer a more affordable alternative to Phantom. As it's thinner and more compact than Phantom, it creates a sturdier feel under-foot, which may be more suited to your project requirements. The matt finish of Aston brings beauty and class to every space it's laid in.

Features & Benefits

Aston and Phantom are both extremely resilient carpets, and boast the following benefits:

  • Wear resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Fade resistant
  • Pet friendly
  • Food, drink and dirt resistant

Both ranges of silk touch carpet come in seven sumptuous shades:

Pebble Beach – Colour 6900
Sandcastle – Colour 7100
Moonrock – Colour 7300
Gravel Rock – Colour 9300
Big Boulder – Colour 7000
Bedrock – Colour 9100
River Rock – Colour 7600


The Phantom and Aston ranges are truly dependable when it comes to maintenance and quality. Able to endure soiling and staining, these silk touch carpets are as easily cared for as they are on the eye.

The strength and dependability of these ranges out performs most other carpets made for high traffic dense areas.

Carrying in dirt and soil is often unavoidable, especially in commercial settings, so we recommend a professional clean is needed every few years in order to prolong the life, and guarantee that it won't need replacing any time soon. In domestic situations, simply vacuuming regularly will be enough up keep to protect and preserve. On top of this, an entrance mat can be supplied alongside all of our carpets.

As extremely robust and strong carpets, both ranges of luxury fibre carpets are bleach cleanable, making it a suitable finishing touch to just about any space, regardless of footfall and the area of placement.

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